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  WORKFLOW FRANK - english  In this training Calvin shows how he add his... mehr
Produktinformationen "WORKFLOW FRANK / english"



In this training Calvin shows how he add his Calvanize look to on “location Portraits”. Strong contrast, bunch of details, a painted look and exciting lighting. That’s Calvinize!!!

The training starts with the photographical part, right after you’ll see the RAW conversion. So a good chance to see the untouched RAW image – straight out of cam. 

It’s the first time Calvin shows his “HDR painting technique”, which is a combination of Photomatix and Photoshop. It’s giving the picture THE special look. But that’s not everything – of course you will get more than “just” the HDR painting technique.


This training has following parts:

  • 01_Intro (01:51)
  • 02_The Photography Part (08:04)
  • 03_Raw Conversion Part I (04:51)
  • 04_Raw Conversion Part II (08:43)
  • 05_Getting Details (07:27)
  • 06_HDR Painting Part I (07:18)
  • 07_HDR Painting Part II (09:06)
  • 08_Retouching (08:21)
  • 09_Creating the Light Part I (06:14)
  • 10_Creating the Light Part II (05:39)
  • 11_Addind the Color Cast (07:31)
  • 12_Dodge and burn (05:53)
  • 13_Calvins Sharpen Technique (08:37)
  • 14_20_80 / Personal words (08:36)


Calvin shows in his typical entertaining way of teaching how to combine specific techniques in a meaningful workflow to get THE look out of pictures. This training doesn´t show Photoshop basics and it’s not really showing technical aspects. It’s just and a 100% for showing how this picture was retouched, so everybody can do it.

Although all the retouching was done in Photoshop CS6, Photosmatix and Topaz but 90% can as well be done in older versions of Photoshop without Plugins. After purchasing the training you will get a link to the download of the whole training. Additionally, the package includes the original files, the photomatix result and the Photoshop file with all layers.

For watching the training we recommend the free of charge VLC player.

If you have any questions regarding this training feel free to contact us.  info@calvinhollywood.de


Trainer: Calvin Hollywood
Veröffentlichung: 07/2012
Thema: Retouching
Laufzeit: ca 96 minutes
Dateigröße: 1,50 GB
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